Basement Mold Remediation

Do You Have Mold Creeping in Your Basement?

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It can be stressful to find out that there's mold in your home. Mold can result in poor air quality, and it's almost impossible to get rid of it without professional mold removal services. Superior Mold Solutions Inc offers dependable mold remediation services in Oneonta, NY. Mold can make your home unsafe and decrease your property value.

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Mold in your basement driving you crazy?

Mold in your basement driving you crazy?

Many different factors can contribute to basement mold growth.

  • Water intrusion from walls
  • Leaky pipes
  • Flooding

If your basement is finished with drywall or similar wall and ceiling coverings, any substantial water intrusion will likely lead to mold growth as drywall and other porous building materials tend to wick up moisture creating a perfect environment for mold growth

Unfinished basements are also prone to mold growth if the humidity levels are high. Overhead floor joists and sub-flooring are common places for mold to develop as wood is a semi porous surface. Cinder block and poured concrete walls will also support mold growth especially if there is active water seepage.

Our solution to basement mold contamination includes removing any non salvageable building materials such as drywall and fiberglass insulation, physically removing mold spores via HEPA equipped tools, and sealing mold affected surfaces with EnviroShield to keep your basement dry and mold free. EnviroShield is warranted for 10 years against any new mold growth so you can rest assured we will never have to come back again!

EnviroShield Protection

Our EnviroShield treatment is the permanent solution to all basement mold issues as it not only kills mold on contact but is guaranteed to prevent it from coming back.

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